Créez des listes de prospects B2B puissantes

Avant de signer des dizaines ou des centaines de contrats, tout commence par une liste de prospects B2B. C’est là l’intérêt de cette formation : te permettre de comprendre les étapes, les différentes techniques et outils pour créer des meilleure listes de prospects et générer rapidement du chiffre d’affaires.

Set up your styles

You might notice that your headers, colors, buttons, and other styles are styled in a certain way.

This is all set in your style guide, which is under the “Design” tab in the Unstack app navigation. Once you set styles globally your pages will automatically inherit these, allowing you to build consistently and quickly.

Setting up Styles

Add sections to customize your page

Unstack pages are made up of section components. These are the building blocks of your landing page.

We have a variety of sections you can choose from to add:

  • Media
  • Text
  • Banners,
  • Products
  • Sections
  • Photo galleries, and much more! 
Unstack Sections

Adjust the details with toolbars

Toolbars give you the style and layout options you need to make your content look fantastic.

Toolbars appear when you click into sections, boxes, or highlighted text.

You can hover over each icon to get a description of what it does and start adjusting things like alignment, headers, background images, colors, and spacing. You can also highlight any text for additional formatting options!

Unstack Toolbar

This is a banner component. Perfect for offering special offers or promotions.


Add a product

First, make sure your Shopify account has been connected to Unstack and your products have been synced.

1. Add a "Product" component

On the product page, you'd like to create, add a "Product" component. 

2. Choose a product

Once you've added a "Product" component to the page, you'll need to select a product to display. Click into the component, and select a product from the sidebar by searching or scrolling.


See it in action

Apricot Mid Line Dress



A longer baby-doll style mid-length dress, this apricot special is appropriate for any occasion. Perfect for elegant or casual activities.

  • 65% rayon, 35% polyester
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Pull-on closure
  • Material is lightweight, flowy, and breathable
  • Sleeves end just below the elbow
  • Drapes beautifully

Preview a page

Previewing pages in Unstack allows you to preview the changes you've made to a page as if they were made on the live version of that page. This allows you to keep those changes in a draft state so you can make any additional changes before you publish.


Publish your page 

Click the Publish button in the lower right of the page to publish. You can also adjust SEO settings, unpublish a page, clone a page, or archive from the gear icon on the top right.


Add a collection

1. Click the "Add section" button

This button floats below your currently selected section block. If you don't see it, click on a blank part of your screen and scroll up and down until you find it.

2. Find the "Collection" component

Search for "Collection" or dive into the "eCommerce" category to find the collection component and add it to your page. 

2. Choose products

You can individually select each product you want to be added or add an entire collection at once. Choose the number of products you want to be displayed, the number of products in each column, and the type of image cropping.

Unstack Collections

See collections in action...


Use our templates for specific use cases to get started quickly

We have mobile-ready landing page templates that convert visitors & drive revenue.

These templates are perfect for playbooks like:

  • Paid social campaigns
  • New product launches
  • VIP/Loyalty
  • Birthday/holidays
  • Back in stock landers
  • SMS marketing - and more!
Unstack landing page templates

Create personalized experiences

Want to tailor your landing page to the users visiting it? With Unstack you're able to use URL Query Parameters and contact-specific attributes to dynamically update any text element on your site before the user even loads the page. 

Dynamic page content

Connect integrations 

Want to grow faster? We have many integrations to help you make the most of Unstack and build your e-commerce business in record time. 

Connect to Klaivyo, Google Analytics, Zapier, and more. Just go to Settings-Integrations and click the plus icon next to the integration. 


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